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Sunshower Wellness

Herbal Tea Sampler

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Try them all! Find your favorite blend with this assortment of hot infusion herbal teas from Sunshower Wellness. With an infuser to make steeping loose leaf tea a breeze, let yourself feel the warmth of your mug as you sink into comfort.

Release Herbal Tea: Feel calmness flow through you with this heart-opening tea, blended to release tension and clear stuck emotions.

Nourish Herbal Tea: This herbal tea is blended to rejuvenate your body and restore vitality by providing a boost of vitamins and minerals while supporting your cognitive function. 

Transition Herbal Tea: Stay warm and strengthen your immune system with this cozy tea perfect for changing seasons and cold weather.

Settle Herbal TeaAn anti-nausea tea blended to settle upset stomachs and calm digestion-related uneasiness.

Tea Infuser: Use this infuser in your favorite mug to brew your herbal tea. The lid keeps the volatile oils and heat from escaping and becomes a coaster for the infuser once steeped.

The FDA has not evaluated this product or these statements. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Directions: Steep for 15 minutes in 8oz of hot water. Strain and sip!


Nourish Tea ingredients: chamomile*, nettle*, lemon balm*, linden*, passionflower*, oatstraw*, plantain leaf*, spearmint*.

Release Tea ingredients: linden*, hawthorn leaf and flower*, rose petals*.

Settle Tea ingredients: ginger*, chamomile*, spearmint*, peppermint*.

Transition Tea ingredients: ginger*, cinnamon*, chaga*, hibiscus*, calendula*, clove*.


Tea infuser: stainless steel and silicone.

Herbal Tea Sampler
Herbal Tea Sampler