Herbs for Spring Wellness

Herbs for Spring Wellness

After months of being wrapped in winter’s cocoon, spring arrives with verdant blooms, newfound motivation, and longer days. Shifting out of our winter energetic state into spring mode can feel both inspiring and sometimes, a bit daunting. Using herbs seasonally allows us to be both aligned with nature and connected to the earth. Herbs for spring focus on cleansing, nourishing, and energizing as we move out of winter stillness.

Oftentimes, the shift into longer days and increased motivation happens mentally but our physical body can lag a bit. It can take an extra bit of support to be as active as we desire after being more sedentary, ingesting heavier and denser foods, and requiring more sleep during those winter months. The spring energy inspires us to tap into our vitality, to move more, and spend more time outdoors. To support our bodies both nutritionally and energetically, it’s important to nourish ourselves with spring herbs accordingly.

Our bodies are attuned to the seasons and intuitively want seasonal herbs to support us during changing seasons. Many of the herbs that support our body in the spring are alterative and nutritive. Alterative herbs support the body’s natural alignment processes like  helping to repair tissues and eliminate waste, while nutritive herbs nourish the body with water soluble vitamins.

Our favorite herbs for spring tend to create movement in the body’s systems, help eliminate toxins and nourish the body. Many of these are food-like and can be incorporated into your meals when fresh. Think: Nettle and dandelion greens pesto.

Now, on to our favorite spring herbs!

Nettle leaf is a highly nutritious herb that’s one of the first to peak through the soil at the start of spring. Cleansing and nourishing, it’s rich in protein, iron, trace minerals, and chlorophyll. Sunshower Wellness’s Nourish Tea contains organic nettle to help rejuvenate and nourish your body. Nettles can also be enjoyed steamed since the flavor is somewhere like a cross between spinach and cabbage. 

Calendula is our sunshine herb! It breaks up stagnation, specifically in the lymphatic system, which is ideal after a season of less movement. Calendula also calms inflammation and promotes healing of tissues both internally and externally. The Soothing Herbal Oil from Botanical Touch contains calendula to soothe skin and reduce redness – a beautiful addition to your spring skincare regimen. 

Red clover is considered a traditional spring tonic since it supports the flow of lymph and blood throughout the body. It also aids in the assimilation of nutrients and elimination of toxins, and is high in minerals, flavonoids, and antioxidants. Red clover is also a good source of calcium, magnesium, and potassium. It’s best enjoyed as a lovely tea! You can also eat fresh red clover tops straight from the plant as a little snack! 

Dandelion leaf makes an appearance early on as one of the first sources of food and pollen in the spring. These tasty leaves are a traditional spring tonic, and help promote liver function. Steep them as a tea, or toss them in a salad to break up stagnancy in the body through stimulating detoxification and digestion. A fun spring fact: the entire plant is edible from the top of the flower down to the roots. 

Raspberry leaf restores balance to the body and is a great antioxidant herb. It’s also highly nourishing brimming with minerals including potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, and iron. It’s best enjoyed as a tea.

Alfalfa is a powerhouse that improves circulation, tonifies the digestive tract, and promotes detoxification. It’s also known for its nutrition benefits, blood building and as a source of vitamin K. Look for sprouted alfalfa seeds at your grocery store to add to salads and sandwiches.

Using herbs as our allies through the seasons is a beautiful way to support ourselves with what nature is already providing. This practice allows us to reconnect with the earth in a tangible way. Please reach out directly if you’re interested in a custom spring or a blend utilizing the herbs mentioned in this post.

Many of these are also easy to grow and can become a part of your seasonal gardening. Stay tuned for our favorite easy and nourishing spring recipes coming to the blog soon! 

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